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Moving Universe is an evolving, multi-faceted organization with a diversity of programmes and offerings rooted in mindfulness, loving kindness practices, and social and emotional learning (SEL). Both a not-for-profit production house and independent publisher, Moving Universe promotes mindfulness education through the arts. 

Moving Universe has developed a unique stress reducing, mindfulness-based approach to social and emotional learning. It's called the 3aRs. The training enhances attention and leadership empowerment for learners of all ages including corporate clients. The 3aRs provide mood management skills to address recurring moods such as rage and depression. Research has shown that most affected in first onset depression are teens.

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The 3aRs training provides auxiliary skills – Remembering, Reasoning, and Responsibility – that consolidate the flourishing of a person’s personal relationship with their inner dimensions, in addition to the cognitive dimension. 

Remembering skills are primarily concerned with learning present moment recollection of your body sensations, thoughts and feelings. Remembering skills build attention and enhance memory. 

Reasoning skills imply the assimilation of acquired notions in order to solve problems, the establishment of connections between concepts, and the organisation of knowledge. Reasoning is also relevant to the analysis of one’s own actions, of the motivations underlying them, and of their consequences. 

Responsibility skills are primarily an embodied sense of moment-to-moment compassionate caring for your body, speech and mind. Present moment recollection promotes the awareness of your metacognitive processes. Responsibility as caring for yourself, makes individuals aware of interpersonal relationships and the social implications of personal behaviours.

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